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My Love

Our Marriage

Has there ever been something in life that you absolutely knew was just right for you?!  I mean perfect beyond any doubt!!  Well, that’s what my life with Mischa is!!  Of all the wonderful things that I have done in my life.  All the choices I’ve made.  All the decisions, both big and small…  Marrying her was the “Best Decision” I’ve ever made!! 

I’m totally sure that there are many lovely women in the world, shucks I know quite a bit of them.  On that list would be my mother, sisters, and many good friends!!  But I also KNOW this…  In his infinite wisdom, God chose the best partner for me that there is!!  She is “My Best” of All Things!! 

As a young man, I always thought that one of “My Boys” had to be my best friend.  And I actually do have quite a bit of Great Friends, both male and female, who are in many ways more like brothers and sisters to me, but as I’ve grown older and (hopefully) wiser, I’ve found that my true “Best Friend” is the one who’s ALWAYS by my side!!  Through turbulence and triumph.  The lowest of lows and the highest of highs.  My Lovely Wife Mischa!!

I know that I have been blessed in many ways throughout my life.  And if my story were to come to an end right now, I would have to say that the Greatest Blessing I’ve had is my Love, Marriage and Partnership with my wife. 

Bothcie!!  You are everything I could ever hope for in a wife!!  And with God’s grace, you are everything I didn’t know to hope for!!  All the things he knew I would need, he created you to be!!  Great partner in raising our beautiful child!!  (You’re a wonderful mother!!)  Great supporter in everything I’ve ever done or tried to do!!  Great voice of logic and direction when I don’t know the way!!  Best Friend!!  Best Love!!  You simply are, and have been…   My Best Everything!!  

Thank You!! 

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